Nectar Of The Goddess

Full-Spectrum Hemp Products that are honest, consistent and affordable. At Nectar Of The Goddess, we believe that when we heal ourselves, only then can we begin to heal the world.

Heal Yourself, Heal The World


I just have to say, your hemp oil has been a life changer. Usually I get stressed over the simplest things, but I can actually BREATHE and not worry about every single thing. It's amazing. Stress level = 0

Amanda, Philadelphia, PA

It is on days like this that I can't thank you enough for all you do!!! I've been in so much fibromyalgia pain this morning and finally realized I haven't taken any oil. Finally took it and feel a whole world of a difference. You are the best. Thanks for helping me SOOO much!!!

Val, Hoboken, NJ

Dude, this oil is changing my brain. It's incredible and I need another bottle

B, Montauk, NY